Ikeja Electric Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI)

This notice is to let you know Ikeja Electric staff was at your property and that they need to return to complete their work. The notice is a courtesy to let you know they were there and will return.

No, because to install the meters as efficiently as possible, the meters will be installed using set schedules enabling installers to quickly move from location to location. The routes where meters will be installed will be identified several weeks in advance.

With the installation of the new meters, customers can manage their energy usage more efficiently. This means your new bill will be determined by how much power you consume.

When the meter is installed, the power will be interrupted. Customers will be informed of the interruption prior to installation.

Customers without meter form can obtain a copy at the Ikeja Electric office closest to you.

Visit the business unit office with the Meter form and photocopy of the installation form with valid means of identification i.e. (international passport, driver’s license or voter’s card) to be submitted for documentation after being duly signed.

Ikeja Electric installers will come to your door prior to installation, they will carry Ikeja Electric photo IDs and branded shirts. If no one is home, they will complete the work and leave a notice on your door.
Once the new meter is installed and operating, meter readers will no longer visit customers’ property to read meters; however, personnel may visit the meter periodically to perform safety inspections, routine maintenance, or meter testing. Meter locations may change and you will be notified of any changes.

Ikeja Electric will bear the cost. Please note that the meters remain the property of IE & cannot be transferred.