Ikeja Electric Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI)

Installation of the AMI system commenced with a pilot phase starting at the beginning of June 2015. Installation has continued in phases and will span over 3 years.

Once the system is fully deployed, the meters will provide:

  • Accurate and Transparent Billing
  • Better information concerning electric usage
  • Faster service for connects and disconnects in most cases
  • Automatic outage detection enabling proactive dispatch of crews
  • Reduced need for Ikeja Electric to access customer property
  • Prompt verification of electric fault restoration and many more….

AMI can offer applications that would ultimately enable both Ikeja Electric and our customers use energy more efficiently. AMI will provide more data, giving us more information to improve the operation and maintenance of our system, as well as provide information for power supply decisions.

AMI is installed to improve customer satisfaction. It is designed to facilitate enhanced energy audit / accountability. It will help Ikeja Electric provide new and improved customer service.

Ikeja Electric’s Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) is a state-of-the-art technology that enables utilities to read, disconnect and connect meters remotely and to detect individual customer outages quickly using a wireless communications network. Information derived from the AMI system can be used to improve electric system performance, customer service and operational efficiency.