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There is no fixed charge for AMI Meters and all other classes of customers effective February 1st, 2016.
Customers will only pay for the electricity they consume as read on the meters.

This is a directive from Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) – Power Regulatory body.

The new tariff becomes effective February 1, 2016.

We are currently working on resolving this issue. Customers who are currently offline will be migrated to the online environment to enable them vend from any location.

Activate your meter with the factory reset/key change tokens, by following the instructions given to you by our customer care team.

This could be because you have not entered your energy token numbers correctly into the meter. If this is not the case, kindly contact our call centre for further assistance.

This is a technical issue, kindly contact our call center to make a complaint.

Your smart card or your monitor unit might be faulty. Kindly contact the call centre for further assistance.