Prepaid Meter Complaints

This could be as a result of the chip on your smart car having partial contact with the meter or network failure at the point of purchase. Please visit our Business Units closest to you with the original copy of the purchase receipt.

Visit any of our Business Units closest to you with the copy of your previous vending/purchase receipt.
Repacing your card costs =N=5,000.00, and payment should be made into Zenith Bank (1013104220).

Please check the meter serial number on the face plate of the meter or a previous vending/purchase receipt. You can continue to vend with this number. Replacing your STS card is no longer necessary.

Prepaid Meters are not moveable, we advise you negotiate with your landlord.

Please visit the Business Unit closest to you with a copy of the meter installation documents and your postpaid bill.

This could be due to low voltage. Please wait until the voltage is normal.