Ikeja Electric maintains a registry of approved Contractors who are interested in doing business such as supply of products, carrying out works and services. In order to do business with Ikeja Electric, it is mandatory to be registered as a Contractor.

In order to register, an interested Contractor is required to follow the link below, which has been designed to capture, record the relevant data and upload the requested documents in order to enable Ikeja Electric evaluate the interested Contractor’s competence. Upon completion of the evaluation process, Ikeja Electric will revert on whether or not the interested Contractor is qualified to proceed to the next stage. If successful, the Contractor will be required to submit documents for pre-qualification assessment.

Please note that only documents which have been duly completed and signed by the Managing Director of the Contractor can be submitted for pre-qualification assessment. Submissions that fail to comply with these instructions will be disregarded, while failure to provide the documents or to provide timely clarification or substantiation of the information supplied, may result in disqualification. Furthermore, the submission of fake or false documents shall result in immediate disqualification and such Contractor may be reported to the appropriate authority.

On completion of the pre-qualification assessment, Ikeja Electric will duly notify and register successful Contractors who qualify on its database of approved Contractors. As a registered Contractor, when the need arises, the Contractor will be contacted for new Requests for Proposals (“RFP”) should its profile meet our criteria and match the requirements of the RFP.

Please note that registration as a Contractor with Ikeja Electric is not a guarantee that a registered Contractor will be awarded a contract and neither does it in any way establish a contract or agreement between such Contractor and Ikeja Electric, as registration is simply the first step of the mandatory process for doing business with Ikeja Electric.

Note that all the documents shall be assessed in accordance with Ikeja Electric’s policies and guidelines. Ikeja Electric pledges fair and equal treatment of all applicants. It reserves the absolute discretionary rights to either accept or reject any documents, and shall not be required to assign a reason for refusal.

We look forward to receiving and evaluating your information.

Ikeja Electric's Qualification Process is based on international best practices, with the aim of guaranteeing a continuous quality improvement and maintenance of the Corporate Vendor Database, which is used by its Procurement Department to invite Vendors to tenders.

DISCLAIMER: Completion of this form, and registration in the database, does not imply that a supplier/Contractor is approved by Ikeja Electric as a supplier/Contractor, nor does it indicate that a supplier/Contractor is included on any tender list for the supply of goods or services for which it has registered.

WARRANTY: Contractors/Suppliers warrant that they have the experience, capacity, registration and license to perform the proposed contract/service.