Welcome To Ikeja Electric's Whistleblowing Platform

whistleblowing ikeja electricAs a matter of policy, Ikeja Electric Plc. maintains a culture of zero-tolerance to all illegal and unethical practices across its operations and distribution network.

Our Whistleblowing Policy and Guidelines allows for the transparent and timely reporting of all unethical activities you are aware of. We have engaged Deloitte, an internationally acclaimed whistleblowing service provider to independently manage the process. The whistleblowing channels are accessible 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, so now, you can report all illegal and unethical activities in a safe, confidential, secure and anonymous manner.

What Can You Report?

  • Financial malpractice such as fraud, bribery, extortion and theft;
  • Failure to comply with legal obligations, and regulatory directives;
  • Actions detrimental to the health and safety of employees and/or the society;
  • Breaches of Company Codes of Ethics and Professional Conduct, policies and procedures;
  • Abuse of office and/or responsibility in connection with unauthorized activity for personal gain;
  • Non-disclosure of conflict of interest;
  • Sexual or physical abuse of any employee, customer, and other relevant stakeholders;
  • All forms of energy theft, meter bypass, shunting, illegal and unregistered connections to the Company’s distribution network and damage of Company’s infrastructure/equipment;
  • Report anyone who fails to report any of the above listed acts despite knowing.

To Make a Report in English, Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba or French:

  1. Call the toll-free hotline 0800TIPOFFS (0800 847 6337)
  2. Send an e-mail: expressyourself@ikejaelectric.com
  3. Download Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous Mobile App from Google Play Store or iTunes Store

…Or simply click HERE to submit a report online.
Please Note:

  1. Please don’t log customer service-related complaints here
  2. Do not log emergencies here. contact your local Police/Fire Teams
  3. Avoid reporting false/malicious claims.

Deloitte will not log or identify callers and their telephone numbers, or generate internal connection logs of computer IP addresses