Input 009 & press enter and the current unit on the meter will display

You can vend through any of our available payment channels e.g., or USSD *565*6#


I do not have Supply (energy has been exhausted on the meter): You are required to power the UIU with battery and ensure your UIU (User Interface Unit) is plugged to a socket that is directly connected to the meter and enter the energy token purchased via your UIU

Ensure your UIU is communicating with the meter:

Check that the UIU box is properly connected. It must be plugged directly to a wall socket in the apartment being served by the meter and not an extension box when loading the token. Also, the power source must be on Ikeja Electric’s supply and not an alternative source.

Please note, if you have done all these and still can’t load your token then you might have a faulty UIU box, a faulty meter or there might be no supply from the distribution transformer to the meter. In this case, please call our customer care numbers on: 01-4483900, 01-7000250 or 07000225543 for assistance

Step 1: Ensure your UIU has been successfully paired with the meter. If this has not been done, please follow the steps below:

  • Matching / Pairing of UIU with Meter

To Match/Pair the meter, carryout the steps below,

Mojec Meter=45xxxxxxxxx

Put the meter number and enter (meter will display successful)

Step 2: Confirm you have loaded your meter activation token (This is only applicable to meters that require activation token).

To load your Meter Activation token carryout the steps below:

Mojec Meter=45xxxxxxxxx

  • Punch in the first 20 digits and press “enter”.
  • Meter will display succeed.
  • Then continue with the next 20 digits and press “enter”. The meter will display “succeed”
  • After this, you can buy energy

*** Upon confirmation of steps 1 & 2, proceed to Step 3 ***

Step 3: To Load Your Energy Token:

  • Punch in all 20 digits and press “enter”.
  • Meter will display success.
  • An sms will be sent to your mobile phone within 72hours after installation. If not received you can also
  • Log on to IE portal Input your meter number and click the submit button. Activation token will be displayed instantly. For meters that do not require activation token, an error message will be displayed as shown below;

“Error Message: Your meter does not require activation token or meter has not been activated. please call our customer care numbers on: 01-4483900, 01-7000250 or 07000225543 for assistance.”