Ikeja Electric’s MD customers new connection process involves two steps

Step 1 – Request for Approval

This process is usually facilitated by a registered electrical contractor who has been employed by the prospective customer to carry out the project for the purchase and installation of a private transformer and any other network extension or enhancement required to connect the new transformer to the IE network.
The outcome of the Request for Approval is a letter of Approval issued to the contractor. This letter authorizes the contractor to commence the project and states the standards and codes that must be adhered to.
The following documents are submitted at any Ikeja Electric office to request for approval:

S/n Document Description
1 Letter of Authorization Letter from the customer appointing the contractor to carry out the installation project and authorizing the contractor to engage IE on its behalf.
2 Completed Ikeja Electric Maximum Demand Electricity Supply and Agreement Form. Form available for download from ikejaelectric.com and at all IE locations
3 Application letter addressed to Ikeja Electric to procure and install a private transformer. Letter should include the transformer capacity and requested voltage level
4 Copy of Contractor’s Identification/License Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA) Category A or Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN)
5 Copy Customer’s Identification

National ID Card, Valid Driver’s License, Permanent Voter’s Card, International Passport.

Seal/Stamp affixed on the form for corporate organizations

6 Copy of registered property ownership document

Deed of Assignment, Certificate of Occupancy (C of O), or *Lease Agreement (at least 10 years)

*Lease Agreement must come with a Letter of Consent from the Property Owner granting the Tenant authority to register the electricity billing account in it name and an Undertaking that IE will be notified when the lease expires.

7 Work Completion Certificate of the premises Optional
8 Picture of proposed site Optional
S/n Document Description
1 Letter of Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions contained in the Approval Letter. N/A
2 Letter of Guarantee of Materials. This letter is to guarantee that the equipment and materials installed are of the required standard as contained in the Approval Letter.
3 NEMSA Certificate. NEMSA Certificate issued after inspection of the project by representative of NEMSA
4 Copies of invoices of materials/equipment purchased. N/A
5 Letter of Notification of completion of work. N/A
6 Copy of Approval letter issued by IE and copy of PT&ES Construction Procedure and Standard Certificate. N/A
7 Copy of IE Bill. Required if the property has an existing IE electricity bill
8 Copy of Certificate of Incorporation /Registration of Business Name. If the premises is registered to a corporate organization
9 CAC Form CO7 or CO2. N/A

Step 2 – Request for Commissioning

Upon completion of the project, the Contractor is to request for the commissioning (energizing) of the transformer that has been successfully installed. This process involves testing of the equipment, Project Management and Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC) inspection by engineers from Ikeja Electric. Approval for commissioning is issued after the project has been certified okay by the respective inspection and testing units. This follows the connection of the transformer to the Ikeja Electric network
The following documents are submitted at any Ikeja Electric office to request for commissioning: