Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company PARTNERS WITH COMMUNITIES

Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company PARTNERS WITH COMMUNITIES

The Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company has commenced a series of programmes aimed at partnering with communities within the network of the company to create better understanding of the operations of the new company.

Using the platform of the Health Care Services, Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company met with electricity customers in Agboyi-Ketu ward to promote community’s voice and participate in electricity matters and raise awareness on the responsibilities of the company as well as the customers.

The customers were educated on the process of getting electricity into their premises through Generation, Transmission and Distribution stages and the need to cooperate with the Distribution Company in the quest to improve the network and ensure quality of power supply to the customers.

Customers were however advised to be patient with the company as the network development and reinforcement programme of the company which has already commenced will take time to manifest to the expected standard.

“We therefore wants the customers to believe that our vision is to develop a world standard network as our technical partner, Korean Electricity Power Company (KEPCO) are already on ground and have commenced work. Our objective is to provide all customers with a better level of service that they have experienced previously”. The issue of metering is also critically being looked into and all customers will be provided with CREDIBLE meters very soon.

Customers were advised to imbibe the culture of conserving energy when not in use as such power could be extended to other customers.

The company further enjoined customers to see electrical facilities such as transformers and cables as their properties which must be protected against vandalism.

On issue of fault clearing, the company promised a quick response time, while advising customers to ensure prompt report of faults to designated IKEDC offices.

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