Ikeja Electric’s Statement On Viral Video

Recently, a video, which has since gone viral, depicting some residents assaulting one of our employees came to light. The video once again reflects the deeply worrying action of some members of the public. While generally, IE strives to maintain cordial relationship with its customers, we nonetheless from time to time witness such wanton attacks from customers who care nothing for decorum, civility or proper processes. We do not believe that any concern or complaint a customer may have should warrant such unprovoked attack on our staff and we wish to reiterate that as a responsible organization, we are duty bound to protect our staff.

Let us further state that Ikeja Electric has multiple channels through which customer grievances may be addressed. There is also a robust NERC Forum dedicated to resolve all customer complaints. In a situation where customers take the law into their hands and assault our employees, IE reserves the right to institute civil and criminal proceedings to seek full legal redress against such persons.

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