In recent years, global organizations have recognized the imperative of exhibiting socially responsible behavior to foster sustainable development. This is guided by ISO 26000’s principles and core subjects of social responsibility. The concept of triple bottom lines (People, Profit, and Planet) underscores that true sustainability hinges on safeguarding the safety, health, and well-being of all stakeholders, notably workers, as emphasized by Vision Zero and ISO 45001:2018.

By integrating occupational safety and health (OSH) into sustainability endeavors, we broaden perspectives within the sustainability sphere. This synergy enables safety and health professionals to transcend conventional roles, offering strategic, collaborative, and innovative solutions that enhance the triple bottom lines. This concept, termed “Safetainability,” embodies safe thinking for sustainable living.

In alignment with this ethos, The QHSE Academy, initially established in 2018 to empower staff in Quality, Health, Safety, Environment, Enterprise Risk, and Leadership skills, is now rebranded as IE – Safetainability School. Embracing the mantra “Safe Thinking, Sustainable Living,” our mission is to nurture sustainable leaders across the Sahara Group equipped to drive lasting financial performance, equitable impact, and societal value, thereby fostering trust among all stakeholders.

The study methodology will employ a range of adult learning techniques, emphasizing active participation and interaction to enhance comprehension, retention, and application of information. These methods aim to cultivate robust practical knowledge and understanding of sustainability principles within the workplace, fostering professional and business growth.

Through tutor-led sessions, learners will engage in knowledge-sharing and practical exercises, enabling them to integrate safety and sustainability as core values. The program will feature virtual lectures supplemented by a visit to Egbin Power and an in-person session on Basic Life Support at Ikeja Electric’s Corporate Headquarters.

Our faculties have been strategically selected across cross-disciplines; they are teachers, Authors, Researchers, Consultants, and experienced Practitioners.

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