Ikeja Electric Takes Kick-Malaria Campaign To Waterside Communities

Ikeja Electric Takes Kick-Malaria Campaign To Waterside Communities

Hundreds of waterside dwellers in Isolo Local Council Development Area (LCDA), Lagos Mainland, and variuos other communities have benefited from a campaign against malaria organised by Ikeja Electric Plc in commemoration of the 2018 World Malaria Day.

The residents also received free treated mosquito nets provided by the company, whose representatives admonished them on the need to keep their environment clean at all times.

According to a spokesperson for the company, the campaign was part of the firm’s corporate social responsibility (CSR). Ezekiel said the company decided to focus on malaria this year because it was a silent killer.

She said: “Malaria is a deadly sickness but it is preventable. We have gone round waterside communities to enlighten them on the need to keep their environments clean. The mosquitoes that infect people with malaria breed in dirty and swampy environment. We have also educated them on the need to visit health centers, hospitals whenever they feel sick and not resort to self-medication.

“They should make it a habit to ensure drainages within their localities are not blocked. Through communal efforts, they should clear the drainages and any stagnant water and dispose waste properly.

“Aside the health talks, we also distributed hundreds of treated mosquito nets, which can be used for two years, to the residents. All they have to do is ensure it doesn’t get torn and they should wash it whenever it is dirty. We have told them to expose the nets to the sun for about 12 hours before first use.”

Aside the malaria prevention and treatment lectures, the residents were also enlightened on how to prevent electrocution.

The company’s Safety Specialist, Olusegun Oguntana, said they should avoid going near fallen poles or snapped cables, adding that they should not touch wet street lights, poles.

He said: “Sustained rainfall increases the likelihood of fallen poles, snapped cables and electrical accidents. Therefore, we advise that you do not climb trees near electric wires. Do not carry ladders or long poles, tools near electric wires.

“Do not install antennas near electric poles; do not touch a fence or exit a car on which a wire has fallen unless you are sure that power has been cut off. Do not touch anyone already electrocuted because you may suffer the same fate. Never attempt to remove a fallen pole or cable by yourself and avoid installation of antennas, poled and electrical conducting materials during rainy season.”

Among the areas visited were Ogundairo Estate, Waterside and Jubilee Close, both on Ago Palace Way.

Culled from www.nationonlineng.net

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